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Free Software movement Karnataka

We are driven by volunteers, who by day are software engineers, students, academicians, or government officials, and by night are Free Software evangelists.

We work closely with college students and encourage them to use, and help develop, Free Software. To make this student interaction, we set up college-level units called GNU/Linux User Groups (GLUGs). These GLUGs organise various technical sessions and events.

Starting a new GLUG:

It is as easy as inviting any FSMK member to the college/institute/company you belong and arrange for session. Followed by session we help you form a GLUG and guide you further.

Some interesting discussions about GLUGs could be found here:

GNU Linux Users Group

Open to any free software enthusiasts. This community has been always described as place for learning and sharing, a place to evolve and grow together.

We do the new

Many may describe this society of ours, to be a fun place- where everyday is a new adventure.

Tweak it up!

In GLUG, we move away from the orthodox-ed version of looking and preferring things from a certain person's perspective.

A connected society

Our club is a colourful mixture of people with varied talents and expertise, always willing to collaborate and help.

Have a new idea?

Anybody can suggest their idea, project or events, for the glug to take up.

Build and keep building

We are always working on some or the other projects in the GLUG, to keep the geek inside you busy ;-)

An active group

The community has been active for quite a long time now, taking the name of the college and FSMK ahead.

What is OpenSource?
What is FreeSoftware?

"Free as in freedom of speech and not as in free beer",a freedom to use, understand, modify and share the software. This is the freedom we care about.

Learn from others

You can view and run the code of other contributors, learn from their mistakes.

Most importantly “free software is controlled by its users”

That's the fundamental issue: while non-free software is controlled by some other entity (typically a corporation or a state), free software is controlled by its users.

Do what you are best at

You can contribute to the software you want to, can do the work you like to do and you are best at.

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